The LaCaille Group of Companies had its origins in the 1980’s, more than 35 years ago. The company name is taken from the prestigious LaCaille on the Bow restaurant that operated on the Bow River in the heart of downtown from 1982 until 2007. In the 1990’s, Peter Livaditis (principal of LaCaille) began to develop real estate, ultimately resulting in the sale of the restaurant operations and a full-time focus on real estate.

In that time, the LaCaille name has become known for innovative, quality real estate projects. LaCaille projects always reflect the high quality that is the trademark of its founder’s European roots, while showcasing creative solutions to design constraints and limitations. Starting with the creation of the Chateau LaCaille project in the mid-1990’s, the company has focused on mixed-use, high rise residential projects in the downtown Calgary market. These projects, with their combination of different uses, and the limitations of constrained sites, have provided a platform for the demonstration of LaCaille’s considerable development expertise.

LaCaille has assembled an outstanding network of development professionals that enable the company to consistently deliver successful projects. This project success has enabled LaCaille to enjoy exceptional banking relationships during the past 25 years, during which time it has also built outstanding working relationships with the City of Calgary’s planning department, business unit, and Calgary City Council.


1990Signature Parke Plaza

  • Neighbourhood shopping centre (32,500 sq ft)
  • Mixed use redevelopment potential, with close proximity to LRT station since 2012

1992 - 1999Chateau LaCaille

  • 18 storey, 54 unit luxury high-rise
  • Development included mix of restaurants, retail/commercial, and residential units, and integrated an existing 2-level underground parkade and 2-storey restaurant building into the completed design

2000West Market Square

  • Community shopping centre (62,000 sq ft) adjacent to LRT station constructed in 2012
  • Project lands leased from City of Calgary for 35 year term, plus 15 years in extension options, with option to purchase

2002LaCaille Parkade

  • Free-standing public underground parkade (2 levels), with enhanced public park space above-ground, on land leased from the City of Calgary

2003LaCaille Parke Place

  • 18 storey, 54 unit luxury high-rise
  • Development site across the street from initial Chateau LaCaille project involved land acquisition from City of Calgary’s housing corporation for strip of land required for underground parkade configuration

2005Five West – West Tower

  • 27 storey, 160 unit high-rise
  • Project included a split parkade (below and above grade), with main floor commercial retail, office space (with dedicated lobby/elevator), and residential condominium units

2007Five West – East Tower

  • 28 storey, 180 unit high-rise
  • Project included a split parkade (below grade and above grade), together with main floor commercial retail, and residential condominium units, and was constructed with a matching 5-storey “podium” to completed West Tower

2004Oxford/Cambridge – 16th Avenue Development Lands

  • Assembly of inner city development site, and subsequent project planning/permitting for two, 10-storey mixed-use residential buildings with main floor retail/commercial
  • Lands are held for future development

2004Kings on Fourth – 4th Avenue Development Lands

  • Downtown development site acquired for luxury, mixed-use development
  • Project planning and development permits approved for 50-storey project with retail/commercial space, luxury boutique hotel (120 rooms), office space (200,000 sq. ft.), and luxury residential condominiums
  • Lands are held for future development

2010Louise Station

  • Complex mixed-use project consisting of a 4-level underground parkade, affordable housing tower constructed for Calgary Housing (City of Calgary agency), two-storey, ground level fire station, main floor retail/commercial, and 18 storey residential condominium project

2018LaCaille First Avenue Development Site

  • Development site acquired adjacent to LaCaille Parke Place as part of the Louise Station development agreement with the City of Calgary
  • Preliminary planning for a revised land use permitting development of a 21 storey residential condominium building prior to selling the lands in 2018


  • 36 storey, 232 unit, mixed-use high-rise
  • Project included a split parkade (below grade and above grade), together with main floor commercial retail, 4 levels of office space accessed from a separate lobby and elevators, and residential condominium units
  • 4 office levels have not been completed, and a revised development permit has been secured for development of these floors into 63 unique “loft-style” residential units suitable for an independent rental operation

2017Sky Pointe Lands

  • 160 acre land acquisition for development (80 acres on each side of Country Hills Boulevard NE)
  • Site is host to a planned LRT station, and offers opportunity for high density “transit-oriented development” (TOD)
  • Development of initial 80 acres is complete, with individual project builders in process of constructing multi-family projects, and LaCaille constructing Sky Pointe Landing Shopping Centre
  • Land Use approval for remaining 80 acres was secured at the end of 2019, and work on engineering and subdivision drawings is progressing

2019Sky Pointe Landing Shopping Centre

  • 16 acre, 240,000 square foot community shopping centre with future LRT station
  • Initial phase of 82,000 square feet is 70% leased, with a number of national tenants and banks, with initial tenants opening for business in late 2019